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University of Otago


University of Otago

Key Information
An Overview
Services for students
Location of University
Location of University
Notable Alumni
Key Information




Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand



Total Students


Percentage of International Students


An Overview

  • The university is divided into four academic divisions:
    • Division of Humanities
    • Division of Health Sciences
    • Division of Sciences
    • School of Business
  • There are also a number of service divisions including:
  • External Engagement Division
  • Financial Services Division
  • Human Resources Division
  • Information Technology Services Division
  • Property Services Division
  • Research & Enterprise Division
  • Student Services Division

Services for students

  • Student success
  • Accessibility
  • Health and wellness
  • Academic advisors
  • Medical and mental support
  • Career advice
  • Financial aid
  • Indigenous services


The University of Otago owns, or is in affiliation with, fourteen residential colleges, which provide food, accommodation, social and welfare services. Most of these cater primarily for first year students, though some have a sizable number of second and higher year undergraduates, as well as occasionally a significant postgraduate population. While some teaching is normally undertaken at a college, this generally represents a small percentage of a resident’s formal tuition.

Most colleges actively seek to foster a sense of community and academic achievement amongst their members through, variously, intercollegiate competitions, communal dining, apartment groups, traditionalism, independent students’ clubs, college events and internal sporting and cultural societies.

The colleges are geographically spread over the Dunedin urban area:

In mid October 2019, the University of Otago announced that it would be building a new 450-room residential college called TeRangiHiroa, which will replace the current TeRangiHiroa College along Cumberland Street. The new college is estimated to cost NZ$90 million and is located on the corner of Albany and Forth Streets near the Dunedin campus
Location of University

The University of Otago’s main campus is in Dunedin, which hosts the Central Administration as well as its Health Sciences, Humanities, Business School, and Sciences divisions. In addition, the University has four satellite campuses in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Invercargill.[20]

1. The Christchurch campus is based at the Christchurch School of Medicine and Health Science. It also provides medical and physiotherapy clinical training programs, research, distance education, and postgraduate programs.[20][21]

2. The Wellington campus is based at the Wellington School of Medicine and Health Science. It also provides medical and physiotherapy clinical training programs, research, distance education, and postgraduate programs.[20][22]

3. The Auckland campus is based at the Auckland Centre on Queen. The Auckland Centre provides various teaching and distance learning courses and serves as a liaison with the wider Auckland community and alumni.[23]
4. The Southland Campus (AhuahuTeMātauranga) is a branch of the
University of Otago College of Education. The campus provides a range of early childhood, primary, primary bilingual, and secondary teacher education programs.[20][24]
5. The University of Otago’s Department of Marine Science also operates the Portobello Marine Laboratory in the Otago peninsula.[25]

Location of University

University rankings
ARWU World[38] 301–400
THE World[40] 201–250
QS World[39] 176

Notable Alumni

  • Arthur Henry Adams, journalist and writer
  • Barbara Anderson, novelist
  • Rui Maria de Araújo, Prime Minister of Timor-Leste.
  • Annette Baier, moral philosopher
  • Muriel Bell, nutritionist and medical researcher
  • David Benson-Pope, politician
  • Christine Jensen Burke, mountain climber
  • Dame Silvia Cartwright, Governor General
  • Brian Christie, neuroscientist
  • Nathan Cohen, world champion and Olympic champion rower
  • David Cunliffe (Carrington), politician
  • Thomas Davis, politician, diplomat and researcher
  • Glen Denham, Tall Black
  • Derek Denny-Brown
  • Sarah Derrett, injury prevention specialist
  • Archibald Durward FRSE, anatomist
  • Marc Ellis (University College), All Black
  • Bill English, 39th Prime Minister
  • Bill English (Selwyn), 39th Prime Minister of New Zealand
  • Janet Frame, writer
  • Ian Fraser, broadcaster
  • Caroline Freeman, first female graduate of the University of Otago
  • William Fyfe, geochemist
  • Jon Gadsby, comedian and actor
  • John Gallas, poet and educator
  • Sir Harold Delf Gillies, plastic surgeon
  • Sir Malcolm Grant (Selwyn), lawyer and Vice-Chancellor of University College London (2003–13); subsequently Chairman of NHS England and Chancellor of the University of York
  • Stephen Guest, legal academic
  • Geoffrey Harding OAM, medical practitioner
  • Graeme Hart, businessman
  • Volker Heine, physicist
  • Jan Hellriegel, singer/songwriter
  • Greg Henderson, cyclist
  • Sir Peter Buck, doctor, military leader, health administrator, politician, anthropologist and museum director.
  • Brent Hodge (Cumberland), director
  • Fergus Hume, novelist
  • David Kirk (Selwyn), All Black captain and businessman
  • Josh Kronfeld (Aquinas College), All Black
  • Chris Laidlaw, All Black and politician
  • Michael Laws, (Arana) politician, writer, broadcaster
  • Tania Lineham, science teacher, winner of the Prime Minister’s Science Teacher Prize, 2015
  • John Edward “Jack” Lovelock, athlete
  • Chris Mahony, World Bank professional, University of Oxford doctorate, athlete
  • Kamisese Mara (Knox), politician
  • Stella Maxwell, fashion model
  • Dame Judith Mayhew Jonas, businesswoman
  • Archibald McIndoe, plastic surgeon
  • Joseph William Mellor, chemist
  • Arnold Nordmeyer, politician
  • Christopher Norton, composer
  • Anton Oliver (University College), Captain of the All Blacks
  • DatukDr.Mazlan Othman, astrophysicist, Director of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs
  • Lord Porritt, athlete, physician and 11th Governor-General
  • Lord Porritt (Selwyn), Olympian, physician to the Queen and Governor General
  • Arthur Prior, philosopher
  • Lauren Kim Roche, physician and author
  • Emily Siedeberg, first female medical graduate
  • Robert Stout (Aquinas), Prime Minister of New Zealand
  • SulaimanDaud, politician
  • Peter Tapsell, politician
  • Jeremy Waldron, legal philosopher
  • Murray Webb, cricketer and caricaturist
  • Bridget Williams, publisher
  • Allan Wilson, molecular biologist

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