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University of Canterbury

| Accommodation, New Zealand

Know more about accommodation options:

On Campus Accommodation:


Off Campus Accommodation:

Private student accommodation providers:

  1. Hostels.com- http://www.hostels.com
  2. Empire Apartments- http://www.empireapartment.co.nz
  3. UniLodge- https://unilodge.com.au

Useful Links

  1. Roomster- roomster.com
  2. RealEstate.co.nz- http://www.realestate.co.nz
  3. EasyRoommate- easyroommate.co.nz/
  4. Student Flat- http://studentflat.co.nz/
  5. Haka Lodge- https://www.hakalodge.com/
  6. Bumbles Backpapers- http://www.bumblesbackpackers.co.nz/
  7. Hostelz- https://www.hostelz.com
  8. Hostel World- http://www.hostelworld.com
  9. Roomlala- https://en-in.roomlala.com
  10. Jail Hostel- http://www.jail.co.nz/

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