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An Overview

Founded in 1964, PSB Academy is a highly-ranked private institution of higher education in Singapore. Initially, it was a sub-division of the National Productivity Board named the Management Services Supervisory Development division. In the year 1988, the division was formalised into a full-fledged institution under the name Institute for Productivity Training. In 2001, the institution was transformed into an independent organisation and privatised in the year 2006. Intermediate Capital Group has the ownership of the Academy since 2018. It has accreditation from the Committee for Private Education Singapore.

Services for students

The library provides major help to both faculty and the students in teaching, learning and research through its wide collection of resources available in printed and digital form. Some of the other facilities provided to the students on campus include personal counselling, wellness and medical support. Apart from this, the institution maintains several clubs and organisations to provide a depth of experience and a breadth of perspective to the students on various subjects. The students can enroll themselves at PSB Academy for various undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level programmes taught full-time and part-time. The institution has six schools that offer programmes in accounting and finance, computer science, business management, engineering, cyber security, human resources, hospitality and tourism, languages, marketing, media and communication, general studies and sports science. It also extends a range of diplomas, certificates and short professional courses. It has partnerships with several universities across the globe and offers programmes approved by those institutions. Many students of the academy attend classes at these universities. The student-to-teacher ratio at the institution is 70:1.


  • PSB Academy provides housing facility to all students
  • PSB Academy Student Hostel is located at 201 Pearl’s Hill Terrace
  • There are three different room types:
  • 1-bedroom Quad Sharing
  • 2-bedroom Twin Sharing
  • 2-bedroom Triple Sharing
  • Each unit comes with a living room, and an attached bathroom and kitchen

Link for on-campus housing

Living expenses description
Includes housing at 2-Bedroom Apartment 6 Sharing # – 3 beds per room

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Off-campus Accommodation

Off campus accommodation


Details for off-campus

  • Several accommodation options are available, students may choose to rent either a property or a room
  • Property rental is ideal if the student is willing to share with friends or students
  • Room rental is where the student takes a room where other people already live. Students may be living with students, families or others who live nearby and have a spare room
  • The average monthly rent for a single student in Singapore range from SGD 6,00 to SGD 8,00
  • Facilities include Furnished room, On-site Laundry, Gym, CCTV cameras, Access Card

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  • 4-year EduTrust
  • Council for Private Education

Location/ Campus

PSB Academy operates two beautiful campuses in Marina Square and Jackson Square (Toa Payoh). The 2.2-acre campus at Marina Square is regarded as the City Campus. It features excellent academic, administrative and support facilities for the students. Delta Campus at Jackson Square spread over an area of 1.1 acres is home to the schools of physical sciences and engineering and technology. Each campus features several buildings, pathways, green spaces and parking areas. The institution provides excellent academic, administrative, recreational and support facilities for the students. Learning takes place in smart classrooms, high-tech laboratories and research centres equipped with modern technology and equipment.

Notable Alumni

PSB Academy has a comprehensive list of alumni living across the globe. The institution maintains a record of its alumni and takes pride in celebrating their achievements, for which it organises various events. The alumni list includes the names of highly-successful graduates. Many of the graduates of PSB Academy have earned recognition for their contribution in respective professional fields.

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