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Massey University


Massey University

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Palmerston North, New Zealand



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Quick Facts

Massey University is special among New Zealand universities on account of its capacity to deliver research-driven teaching and research training on three campuses in Auckland, Palmerston North and Wellington. Massey has strong connections with industry and trade adding to economic development as exemplified by the teaching and research in applied zones, for example, engineering technology, agriculture, finance, medicine, food technology, information sciences, marketing and accountancy.

An overview


We have a wide range of restaurants, food courts and coffee shops on campus that provide healthy food at reasonable prices. The food courts are located in spacious areas where students can socialize as well as enjoy delicious food.

Restaurant services are available both during the day for commuting students and late into the evening for those living on campus in the dormitories. Delivery of meals from restaurants and cafeterias off campus is also available.

The University provides 24-hour medical clinics and ambulance services for students in case of emergencies.

Barber shops and hair salons on campus offer convenience to students with separate facilities for men and women.

The University provides a wide range of entertainment and social activities. Recent cultural events and activities include the celebration of the 42nd UAE National Day, student trips to Spain and Turkey, theatre productions and plays written and directed by students, and concerts and festivals as well as Wildlife, Biodiversity and Cancer Awareness days.

The Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) has endeavored, since its establishment in 1979, to realize the vision and directives of His Highness, Ruler of Sharjah, in cooperation and coordination with various relevant authorities.The SCHS has made every effort to realize the vision of being a leading institution in the support, care and enablement of disabled students in the United Arab Emirates and Arab nation. It has also been fully committed, through its it mission and collaborations, to limit the causes that lead to various special needs through promoting early intervention, social awareness, and providing support and care for special needs individuals through education, preparation, and employment opportunities so they may participate and perform independently in their communities.
Cooperation between SCHS and other institutions has been very productive with the University of Sharjah being one of its most successful partnerships. This cooperation has resulted in a number of positive accomplishments, the most important of which may be considered the establishment of Resource Center for Students With Disabilities at the University. SCHS will continue to exert all of its efforts to continuously upgrade the Center in accordance with the latest developments and best practices in this field around the world for the welfare of our society and in the best interest of disable students.
The Center aims to realize the full integration of special needs students at UOS and consequently achieve equality between them and other students at the University through offering academic and classroom opportunities, extra-curricular activities for all, and equal opportunities to obtain higher degrees.

The Student Success Center offers academic support and social guidance to help students with various acadamic and social issues. It also aims at developing all aspects of the student’s personality through helping students acquire certain skills to facilitate learning at the University.
The Center focuses on developing an independent and balanced personality so that students are able to cope with various life situations. The Center offers its services through two dedicated offices: the Student Support Office and the Personal and Social Advising Office.

The University provides accommodation in a safe and friendly atmosphere, conducive to academic achievement.
Student accommodations are located on campus in close proximity to the University classrooms. Each dormitory includes a lounge area, large kitchen, multi-purpose activity room, TV lounge, study hall, computer labs, convenience store and laundry and dry-cleaning facilities. All dorms offer free wireless highspeed Internet (WIFI) to students.
Visitors are welcome during visiting hours and experienced supervisors are on hand at all times to assist and to help maintain a comfortable atmosphere for all residents.

We provide child care services to faculty and administrative staff. Our Child Care Center is managed by highly qualified individuals so that children receive proper care and attention under the Center’s supervision.
Children receive health, physical and educational care, consistent with Islamic customs and traditions from professionals in the field.

In conjunction with the Sharjah public transportation system, the University provides free transportation in air-conditioned shuttle buses to all students traveling from various districts and locations in Sharjah to the University. Also​ the University provides a variety of transportation services for students, including transportation using golf carts and buses to get around campus. Students will also find plenty of on-campus parking.
The University is well connected by excellent roads to downtown Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Students on campus have the opportunity to enjoy weekly shopping trips to the Dubai Mall.​

Services for students

  • Student success
  • Accessibility
  • Health and wellness
  • Academic advisors
  • Medical and mental support
  • Career advice
  • Financial aid
  • Indigenous services


  • University is offering on-campus catered/self-catered accommodation to all international students
  • The University’s campuses: Auckland, Palmerston North and Wellington have a variety of on-campus accommodation options, including Halls of Residence, Residential Complexes, Apartments, Units and Homestays
  • Halls of residences available for international students are Fergusson Hall, Egmont courts, Walter Dyer hall, etc.
  • The option of meal totally depends on the students whether they opt for two meals or three meals per day

Link for on-campus housing


Living expenses description

Catered-cosy – $260 per week


Massey University has campuses in the Manawatu at Palmerston North, at Wellington (in the suburb of Mt Cook) and on Auckland’s North Shore at Albany. In addition, Massey offers most of its degrees extramurally within New Zealand and internationally. It has the nation’s largest business college. Research is undertaken on all three campuses.

  • Manawatu Campus- Massey University was first established at the Turitea campus in Palmerston North, and hosts around 9,000 students annually. The Turitea site houses the main administrative units of Massey University as well as the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, the College of Sciences, and the Business School. It is also home to the only Veterinary School in New Zealand. Massey University acquired a smaller second campus in Palmerston North in Hokowhitu when it took over Manawatu Teacher’s College in 2009, which became the College of Education.
  • Albany Campus- Since 1993 the Auckland campus in Albany has grown rapidly in a fast developing part of Auckland’s North Shore City. Science and Business are the two largest colleges on the campus with the College of Science housing the New Zealand Institute for Advanced Study solely on the campus. Around 7,000 students are enrolled at Albany. This campus has grown since then and an on-campus accommodation facility opened in semester one 2015.
  • Wellington Campus- In 1999 the Wellington campus was created through the acquisition of the Wellington Polytechnic. Part of Massey Wellington sits inside the New Zealand Dominion Museum building. The Wellington campus primarily specializes in Design (College of Creative Arts), Nursing, and Communication and Journalism. It has over 4,000 students.


University rankings
ARWU World[33] 601–700
THE World[35] 501–600
QS World[34] 287

Notable Alumni

  • Paula Bennett (BA, social policy)
  • Ashraf Choudhary (PhD, agronomy)
  • Brian Connell (history and geography)
  • Wyatt Creech (agriculture)
  • Peter Dunne (business administration)
  • Nathan Guy (agriculture)
  • Pete Hodgson (BVSc, veterinary science)
  • Steven Joyce (BSc, zoology)
  • John Luxton (BAgSci and Dip. Ag Science)
  • Steve Maharey (MA, sociology)
  • Tony Ryall (BBS and Dip. Business Studies)
  • Nicky Wagner (MBA)
  • Ian Shearer
  • Sir Lockwood Smith (BAgSci and MAgSci)
  • Nathan Cohen
  • Jo Aleh (born 1986) – world champion and Olympic champion sailor
  • Nathan Cohen (born 1986) – world champion and Olympic champion rower
  • Rico Gear – rugby union
  • Scott Talbot-Cameron – swimmer
  • Farah Palmer (Black Ferns)
  • Graham Henry (All Blacks)
  • Paul Hitchcock (Black Caps)
  • Nehe Milner-Skudder (All Blacks)
  • Gemma Flynn (Black Sticks)
  • Sally Johnston – sport shooter
  • Fiona Alpass — full professor at the Massey University.
  • Kay Cohen (born 1952) – fashion designer
  • Catherine Day – biochemist (BSc and PhD)
  • Robert Holmes à Court (1937–1990) – businessman (BAgSci, forestry)
  • Alan Kirton (1933–2001) – agricultural scientist (BAgrSc and MAgSc)
  • Phil Lamason – WWII RNZAF pilot
  • Kyle Lockwood – architectural designer, designer of the Silver fern flag (DipDArch and DipArchTech)
  • Ross McEwan – banker, CEO of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group
  • Claire McLachlan – professor, specialist in early-childhood literacy
  • Simon Moutter – engineer, businessman (BSc, physics)
  • Craig Norgate – businessman
  • Sir Alan Stewart (1917–2004) – founding vice-chancellor of Massey

Richard Taylor – special effects technician

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