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How much money needs to be shown for dependents in the UK visa? Is the spouse allowed to work full time?

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According to the University of Birmingham, students who are new to the UK or going to study in the UK will need to following amount for the maintenance for their family:

  • Courses 9 months or more: £6120 (approximately) for each dependant
  • Courses below 9 months: £680 (approximately) for each dependant for each month of your course

In case the student has completed their studies in the UK recently and have applied for the ‘Doctorate Extension Scheme’, they may qualify to get the benefits of the reduced maintenance amount which is £1360 (approximately) per dependant. Please note that the students will get the benefits of this reduced amount if they submit the dependents’ applications at the same time as they make their ‘Doctorate Extension Scheme’ visa application.

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