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How is MBM convertible to MBA, is it a sure shot conversion for all the students?

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The best answer to this question is available in the difference between these two programs. And the biggest difference is the students. An MBA degree is geared towards those who are on the early to mid-career level and want to be eligible for future advancement and promotions. Generally, MBA students have at least 2 years of industry experience and can pay a decent amount to get a degree that will give them an edge over others.

An MBM student, on the other hand, is typically younger and come straight from an UG program. Their objective is to build a strong theatrical foundation of business and related knowledge that they can further take to kick-start a career in the same. When you compare the cost, an MBM program is much more reasonably priced than an MBA program. To conclude this, no matter whether you choose an MBM program or an MBA program, the knowledge and skills you gain will undeniably improve your career prospects.

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