1. Will I be guaranteed accommodation by Universities in my first year of study?
Ans. Yes, first year accommodation is guaranteed, provided he has an unconditional accepted offer and has applied for the scholarship within the deadline.
2. Which is some credible websites for private student accommodation?
Ans. You can search for rooms online on Unite Students, Liberty Living, Mansion Group, Gumptree, etc.
3. What sort of accommodation is available?
Ans. The most common type is Halls of residence. These are accommodation blocks where each student has their own room. Some of the newer ones have rooms that have their own toilet and shower (en suite), but usually you share the flat with other people. Self-catering halls have kitchens for about the same number of people, where you can cook your own food. Catered halls have a dining hall where you are served at least two meals a day: breakfast and dinner. Halls will have cleaners and may have a laundry for bedclothes. Bills for electricity, lighting, heating and water will be included in the rent.
4. What is the average cost of private student accommodation in London?
Ans. Private student accommodation rent ranges from 125 GBP per week to 250 GBP per week depending on facilities offered.
5. Which student accommodation is better and cheaper, on campus or private accommodation?
Ans. All accommodations are good, whether it is on campus or private (if taken from a credible and renowned source). It depends on the facilities the student is seeking. Private accommodations are generally cheaper and offer more privacy and freedom, in comparison to an on campus accommodation.
6. When can I apply for accommodation in UK?
Ans. You can apply for student accommodation after paying the acceptance deposit or accepting a University offer as your Firm choice.