1. Is there any limitation to working part time in UK?
Ans. Yes, 20 hours per week. You can work full time during weekends and holidays.
2. What type of part time jobs do international students usually get in UK?
Ans. Students usually do all sorts of random jobs whichever is available nearby. It can be anything from a Gas Station worker to a Warehouse supervisor or Departmental Store Worker or Waiter or bar tender, etc. Students can also look for part time jobs within the campus in Student Unions, Library assistant, Student Recruiting Service, Career Service Assistant, etc.
3. What is the average starting salary of a fresh graduate in UK?
Ans. Average starting salary ranges from 16,000 GBP to 22,000 GBP in UK.
4. What is the average wage rate during part time work?
Ans. The average wage rate ranges from 6 GBP to 9 GBP per hour during part time work.