1. Can I study a part time course in the UK?
Ans. No, you cannot study a part time course on a Tier 4 visa.
2. Is there a reward for paying all of my fees in advance?
Ans. No, there is not reward. However, some Universities might give 5%-10% discount at the time of full fee payment.
3. Is Induction/Orientation week compulsory? What does it involve?
Ans. Yes, orientation week is compulsory to attend. Orientation Week is a week of events and activities to help you find your way around you University, meet other new students and adjust to life in the UK. The week is packed full of opportunities to meet new people, get useful information, sort out important tasks (like opening a bank account, or finding a place to live) and have fun!
4. I can’t attend this year, can I defer my offer?
Ans. Yes, you can defer your offer to next intake available.
5. How important are sports and extracurricular activities for admission to a UK university?
Ans. The academic grades are the most important criteria of admission to a British university. Sports and extracurricular activities better your profile in comparison to others, especially for scholarships, Job Interviews etc. There are a few scholarships which you will be eligible for based on the sport played.
6. Are entrance exams required for UK Universities?
Ans. Most of the courses don’t require any test as British universities accept the Indian academic marks, but a few professional courses like LLB and Medicine require tests like LNAT and UKCAT respectively. GMAT too is only required for MBA or Masters in certain universities.
7. Can I change the Course once I reach the university?
Ans. You can change the Course if it is in the same department at the same university. It has to be approved by the Admissions tutor.
8. What does it cost to study at a UK University?
Ans. The average tuition fee of a UK University ranges from INR 12 Lacs to INR 20 Lacs per annum depending on rankings of the University.
9. Is acceptance deposit refundable in case of visa refusal?
Ans. Yes, it is generally refundable if visa gets refused. However, it is advisable to go through the refund policy of the University before paying any amount.
10. What is ATAS?
Ans. The Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) is a scheme of the British government for certifying foreign students from outside the EU for entry into the United Kingdom to study or conduct research in certain sensitive technology-related fields falling under Science and Engineering disciplines.
11. What is CAS?
Ans. CAS stands for Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies. A CAS is a very important electronic document that you will need to request after you have firmly accepted an unconditional offer of a place from a University or paid the acceptance deposit to the University. Before you can apply for your Tier 4 student visa you will need a CAS number to support your Tier 4 student visa application form.
12. What the final UCAS deadline?
Ans. The final deadline to apply through UCAS is 30th June.
13. What is the deadline to apply to University of Oxford and University of Cambridge through UCAS?
Ans. You can apply to either University of Oxford or University of Cambridge through UCAS by 15th October.