University of Central Lancashire is ranked 11 for Journalism courses


Date: 25 May 2016


We are keen to share an update on School of Journalism, Language and Communication
Across the School, we have a great history in teaching our subjects: we have been teaching Journalism for over 50 years . Also we are the only university in UK that has all three : NCTJ – National Council for the training of journalists, PTC – periodicals training council (Magazines), BJTC – Broadcast Journalism Training Council and is maintaining top five for practical journalism training.

- MA Journalism – National Council for the Training of Journalists
- MA Magazine – Professional Publishers Association and the National Council for the Training of Journalists
- MA Broadcast – Broadcast Journalism Training Council
- BA/MA Sports - Broadcast Journalism Training Council
- MA Journalism – NCTJ
- BA Journalism – NCTJ, BJTC and PPA

The two videos below are great – they have brief interviews with alumni working at the BBC, ITV, Trinity Mirror, etc. as part of cJAM – a yearly meet employers event at UCLan in the School of Journalism.
- cJAM 2014

- cJAM 2015 

*cJAM) School of Journalism and Media

Scholarship available for overseas students with the School of Journalism, Language and Communication

- MA Intercultural Business Communication – 1 x £2000 (Overseas)

- MA TESOL - 1 x £2000 (Overseas)

- MA I & T (Arabic) – 2 x £2,000 (Overseas)

- MA Publishing – 1 x £2000 (Overseas)

- MA International Journalism - 1 x £2000 (Overseas)

- MA Sports Journalism - 1 x £2000 (Overseas)

- Deadline – 8th July 2016

- Applicants apply for the programme

- Once accepted they can apply for the scholarship – suggest CLs set a 500 word written piece e.g. ‘What benefits will this programme of studty bring to me?’

- Course leader chooses ‘winners’
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